Emergency treatment and information

emergency dental treatment

We realise that emergencies don’t always happen at the most convenient times and for this reason we hold some space for emergency appointments every day regardless of how busy we may be.

In fact, if you phone by 10am with a real emergency we guarantee an appointment on the same day!  Outside normal working hours, your call will either be redirected to an emergency mobile where your case will be assessed or to a message bank which will be read the following morning.  The dentist may recommend alternative treatment or attend the surgery for you if absolutely necessary.

You may be concerned that the charges associated with emergency dental treatment may be prohibitive.  Rest assured that at blue sky dental care we are more than happy to provide the following guarantee:

  • The same dental treatment fees apply for emergency appointments in or outside normal working hours (a callout fee may apply)
  • That all patients with a real dental emergency will be seen on the same day
  • A full emergency treatment plan and quotation will be provided, discussed and agreed with you


If you have toothache and it has become unbearable, try rinsing with warm water and gently floss around the offending tooth to clear any debris or trapped food which may be exacerbating the pain.  Proprietary painkillers can often provide temporary relief, but do not hold them against your gums where they can burn the soft tissues or rely on them for a long-term solution.  Make an appointment with us at blue sky dental care to help you back on to the right track.  Please remember: dental problems seldom disappear by themselves, however much you might want to ignore them!

Broken or knocked out tooth

If you have been injured and one (or more) of your teeth have been damaged or knocked out there are some steps which you can take to relieve the pain or save the tooth.  For a damaged tooth, you may try to rinse with warm water and use a cold compress to reduce any external swelling.

If your whole tooth has been knocked out (including the root) and you have recovered it, hold it by the other end to the root and gently rinse it with lukewarm water – do not scrub, even if dirty.  Any gum tissue clinging to the tooth should not be disturbed.  The next stage is to attempt to return the tooth to its original socket in the same orientation; if this is not possible, either place the tooth into a small container of milk or hold the tooth inside your mouth until you can get to the dentist.  The chances of saving the tooth improve dramatically if you can get to the dentist quickly.