Minimal intervention

healthy teeth

Wherever possible, we will work with you to reduce the amount of treatment required to maintain your dental fitness.  There is no doubt that regular check-ups, good oral hygiene and diet are much more cost-effective than only coming to see us when the pain sets in.  It is a common misconception that if you are not experiencing pain then all must be well.

In fact, quite the reverse is true:  pain is often a very late feature of dental decay and gum disease, therefore by the time pain sets in, the problem may be too advanced for a simple solution.

If you do need treatment, we will seek to minimise the work required (eg propose a filling rather than extraction) in order to maximize the life of your natural teeth.  We will always discuss with you our reasons for proposing a particular course of treatment and the ultimate responsibility lies with you to decide whether to accept our advice and treatment plan.